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What is Blue-Chip Art and why does it always over-perform other assets?

Blue-Chip Art is well-known art that sells for the highest amounts at auction and appreciates…

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The 10 best art-related books of the summer: From fine art catalogs to captivating novels

One of the best things about summer is having the time off to read books.…

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Tax benefits every Fine Art Collector should know

According to Larry's List, painting is one of the most popular media found in collections.…

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4 types of Fine Art Appraisals

Art plays a huge role in society, and can actually lower stress levels, according to…

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A former tate curator is bringing order to the NFT Fine Art market

According to a 2022 survey by Fortunly, one in every three American adults accumulates physical…

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What does a certified Fine Art Appraiser do?

Ever wondered how much a piece of art is worth? An appraisal can offer accurate…

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FAQs a certified Art Appraiser hears

Art appraisers offer professionally studied views concerning the originality and value of works of art…

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