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AA Fine Art provides clients with comprehensive and accredited fine and decorative art appraisals.

Our appraisals are fully compliant with the 2020-2021 Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and prepared by certified appraisers, furnishing unbiased values.

Tailored Services According to Your Needs

We offer appraisals and cataloging for single works of fine and decorative art OR for an entire collection, including fine art, furniture, and decorative accents.

Our personal property appraisers specialize in Drawings, Paintings & Photographs, Furniture, Sculpture, Rugs & Carpets, Silver & Gold decorative objects, Ceramics & Porcelain, Luxury Collectibles, Memorabilia.

Art Movements:



Pop Art




Les Nabis

Art Deco

Baroque Art

Post Impressionism


Der Blaue Reiter

Ashcan School


Hudson River School

Abstract Expressionism

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