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How to Sell a Valuable Painting or an Art Collection

If you or your family have a painting by a famous artist or have inherited an antique or an art collection, you might want to know where to begin and how to sell your art collection. For starters, there are crucial points to consider and learn, such as where to sell the art, how to sell it, and who can help you in the process.

The value of a piece requires thorough research to understand its provenance as well as other details. Selling art can be tricky. That’s why it is better to understand the market before being ready to sell. Keep reading to learn more.

Where can you sell your art collection?

When it comes to selling a piece or an entire art collection, you want to get a fair price for your investment. Factors like the timing of the sale, region, condition, and type of art, are important aspects to take into account before making a decision. Prices also vary based on what’s available and what other collectors desire. However, one essential thing to consider when wondering how to sell your art collection is where to sell your art.

  • Art Dealers: Through their connections, art dealers are able to get high prices when selling fine art pieces. If they don’t work particularly with your piece, chances are they’ll know someone who does. Most art dealers sell in both the primary and the secondary market and they have extensive knowledge of the art world.
  • Galleries: There are two ways that you can sell art through a gallery. The gallery can either choose to buy the artwork upfront or it can be sold on a commission basis. Galleries also have a network of collectors that might be interested in your art. It is best to find one that specializes in the genre your painting belongs to.
  • Auction houses: They have the potential to drive huge prices as well as bring experienced collectors together in one place. Auction houses offer art appraisals and can handle the acquisition and sale from start to finish. So if you’re wondering How to Sell a Painting by a Famous Artist, an auction house could be a good place.

Other places to sell art collections include organizations such as museums and universities and other particular collectors. The fewer transactions that take place between you and the next owner, the better off you’ll be. However, it is best to always seek the help of an art appraisal to learn more about the value of your piece before selling it.

How to sell inherited paintings and antiques

A lot of people who find themselves in charge of an estate have no idea what to do, where to start, or whose advice to trust. Typically, there are two main options; consigning it to a gallery or auction house or selling the inherited piece. In the case that your inheritance includes multiple paintings or artworks from renowned artists, you might wonder How to Sell a Painting by a Famous Artist to market the painting in the most convenient way. However, before making this important move it’s advised to make a thorough inventory and research key details of the piece itself.

Once the research is done, the next step is to get the artwork or antique valued by a professional. Finding an expert that has a good reputation along with qualifying certifications is essential as they will spend considerable time assessing each piece individually and conducting thorough research on the current market to get an accurate idea of the inheritance’s value and help you avoid any surprises. After you’ve appraised the items it’s time to hopefully receive the good news that some (or all) of your inherited items have potential value to be sold.

The first step: contact an independent Art Appraiser

Whether you are looking for ways on how to sell your art collection or liquidate an estate, having the guidance of a trusted, independent art appraiser is a must. They can assist you in evaluating the pieces, as well as recommend the best channels to sell, in order for you to receive the highest value for your artwork whether it’s a retail market value or an auction estimate. Wondering How to Sell a Painting by a Famous Artist can be tricky, as once the piece is “retail ready” it’s time to line up the necessary documentation as well as consider tax planning or come to terms on how to split up the remuneration equitably among family members. An experienced, accredited art appraiser will help you go through all these steps smoothly and with confidence.

Now that you have a better understanding of what is involved when you inherit an antique or are wondering how to sell your art collection, you are better equipped to make market deals with full knowledge. To protect yourself, consider an appraiser when deciding to sell a piece to make sure you get a fair price. Contact us today to get started or learn more.