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Full-Service Art Appraiser and Collection Management Company.

We offer legal appraisers of fine art, antiques, and decorative arts for a single work or an entire collection.

Trust Our Experience

AA Fine Art offers private collectors as well as trust-fund and estate-managers to manage and maintain Fine Art collections by:

Strategic Planning

We help clients plan ahead and support the development of their collection through inventory, authentication, customized software, and estate planning. We also coordinate with artist foundations, museums, and archives, and corporations on loans, donations, deaccessioning, and acquisitions.

Preservation and Care

We ensure that collections are kept in the best conditions by providing annual condition inspections and reports, facilitating conservation treatments, and overseeing framing and shipping logistics.

Appraisal Services

We provide appraisal reports for all purposes, including insurance, art as collateral, damage and loss, estate tax and estate planning, donation, and family division. Our specialists act as expert witnesses, and we support our clients in matters of bankruptcy, litigation, and arbitration.


More About Us and What We Do

At AA Fine Art, we are passionate about our clients and about what we do. We are eager to learn more about you and your art collection. Until we do, here are a few key things you may want to know about us.

Preserve Your Family History

While appraisals and fine and decorative art valuation may be required as part of tax filings and other legal documents, we understand that — at the end of the day — valuing your art is about so much more.

As the art appraisers trusted globally, we realize that appraising your art, antiques and collectibles is about family. We work with you to help preserve your family history. In addition to appraisal, we are more than happy to review the best practices for preserving your valuable articles.

For example, how to control exposure to natural elements such as humidity, temperature and light. How to move valuable items from one location to the other without damaging them. We have trusted partners that we will refer you to, as part of our customer service at no charge.

Our appraisal includes an attribution of the item, detailed auction house catalogue description, current fair market value and/or insurance value.