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5 Benefits of adding art to a professional office space

A professional office is an ideal place for business owners to display artwork. According to AA Fine Arts owner Atalya Alkalay, artwork in the workplace lowers stress, increases creativity, and encourages workers to voice and share opinions. The following are five more benefits that come with placing artwork inside a professional office.

1. Supports workplace socialization

When the people inside your professional office get along well, they often work well together. A work of art can evoke wonder and discussion among those inside the office. An art appraiser can help to add to the wonderment by assessing the work and assigning it a dollar value that also might amaze coworkers.

2. Inspires workers to think creatively

A wonderful work of art can help workers to focus on the aesthetic beauty and creativity that the artist applied when creating it. Thinking about creativity can help to bring it out in workers and enable them to consider things in creatively innovative ways.

3. Keeps workers engaged

Artwork helps to keep office staff focused more on what’s inside the office instead of matters that might be wholly unrelated. Instead of thinking about things that do not pertain to their jobs while their minds wander, artwork helps to give workers a sense of place and keeps them engaged.

4. Improves workplace morale

A work of art has the ability to evoke joy in those who have the opportunity to take it in and enjoy it. Fine art can produce equal amounts of emotional and physiological reactions that are absolutely positive in nature, including reduced stress and increased attentiveness. The artwork helps to boost morale, which aids productivity.

5. Enhances the brand image

Artwork inside a professional office can help to affirm a more sophisticated and upscale brand image among clients. An art appraiser might produce a short assessment that is featured next to the art piece to affirm its quality and value. The effect of high-quality artwork on your office visitors can help to make them feel good about the surroundings as well as your professional services.

AA Fine Arts owner Atalya Alkalay is a member of The American Society of Appraisers and always is happy to appraise art that you might consider buying, selling, or insuring and need an appraised value. You can call or contact us online and schedule an appointment with our art appraiser.