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Art Appraiser

3 Benefits of hanging art in your home for children

When decorating your home, you may not realize it, but art can benefit your children in many ways. From bright colors to different styles of paintings and statues, your children can enjoy the look of the pieces you’re decorating with. Let’s take a look at how hanging art in your home can benefit your kids in more ways than one.

1. Get them thinking

Hanging art in your home isn’t just about what the art appraiser has said about its value, it’s about starting conversations. Often, a piece of art is heralded for being a real conversation starter. When a piece is called a “conversation starter,” it means it’s interesting and gets people thinking. Hanging art in your home for your children to enjoy has the same effect. They’ll start thinking about the piece and it’ll open their minds to new ideas. When young kids inquire about a piece of art, there’s no telling where the conversation can go.

2. Art and academics: There is a positive relationship

According to the Department of Education, children that studied the arts were about four times more likely to receive recognition for academic excellence. Some theories state that viewing pieces and further studying improves critical thinking. Art can inspire children to learn more and can help them think analytically. By hanging your favorite painting in your home, your child may find a new interest and want to pursue art classes at school.

3. Art can bring joy

Many books and poems are written about the impact of art on a child. Whether it’s a favorite painting hanging in the hall that the child fantasized about living in, or a piece that inspired their journey, art profoundly affects children. Looking at art through their eyes is truly a gift and will allow you to see the different emotions they feel. With so many different types of themes, you can find out what your child feels about each one.

Expose your children to art right in your home, and they will be your greatest audience. Open their minds to new ideas, and get those conversations started. Learn more today from an art appraiser about the art you own, then hang it and let your children enjoy it.