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Celebrities and A-Listers investing in NFT’s

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have become a phenomenon in the tech world recently. From punters and…

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How exactly does art get appraised?

Even if you aren't interested in art from a personal perspective, you may be interested…

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How You Can Use Antiques To Give Spaces Character

Decorating with antiques gives modern homes and older homes added style. Including antiques in your…

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Art Valuation

What Makes Art Such A Great Investment?

When you are thinking of investing in art, you may wonder whether it is a…

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How To Start Your Own Art Collection

There are so many benefits to beginning an art collection. Some people begin an art…

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Local Fine Art Appraisers

How To Help Your Kids Appreciate Fine Art Locally

You collect fine art, collectibles, furniture, or decorative crafts and want your children to learn…

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Art Valuation

The True Value of Art

One of the best things about art is that it appeals to everyone in totally…

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Certified Art Appraiser

How Art Helps Make The World A Better Place

From a certified art appraiser to a simple art fan, they can see how art…

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What Key Factors Are Used In Fine Art Appraisals?

Fine art is a billion-dollar industry. According to the latest statistics, the National Science Foundation…

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How Are Non-Profits Helping the Arts Thrive?

The commercial world is profit-driven; therefore, whatever efforts corporations dedicate towards art will not extend…

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