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How To Find The Value Of Artwork

Wondering how to find the value of artwork? Here’s how a professional appraiser can help

Art collectors typically need professionals who can help them understand their pieces’ value. However, grasping how to find the value of artwork isn’t something that you can teach easily because it requires years of experience and an innate understanding of the market. Thankfully, an appraiser can help you understand the right prices and provide a good estimate of your overall collection’s value. Let’s take a look at how they will appraise art you’ve been collecting.

Catch forgeries

Artwork forgeries remain very common in the art world and can fool many professionals. However, appraisers get training to spot real and illegitimate pieces and understand the proper methods for assessing their value. They’ll help you quickly understand whether it is real or not and sort through your collection to ensure that you’re only valuing artwork that truly matters.

Track artwork lineage

Art movements often spread rapidly across the globe and influence artists in many nations. For example, according to our Larry’s List, American artwork shows up in 40% of all art collections. Most of them have a high value due to the artist, though others may not. It all depends on the quality of the piece and its lineage, including whether it influenced a movement or merely imitated it.

Gauge its rarity

When learning how to find the value of an artwork, it’s important to know that some pieces may be more rare than others. For example, some have disappeared from museums over the years only to randomly show up in unexpected places. Others are ubiquitous and not in heavy demand. Thankfully, an appraiser can help you understand your art’s rarity and ensure you get the results you deserve.

Calculate the demand

Demand is a strange thing in the art world and requires a professional to understand properly. For example, art styles wax and wane in popularity, which could leave your collection with a rapidly changing worth. As a result, working with an appraiser is important because it can help you gauge whether anybody even wants your art or if it’s already going out of fashion among collectors.

Working with an expert in the field can help collectors and average individuals learn how to find the value of artwork and ensure they get the price they deserve. If you want to work with an appraiser that you can trust to provide high-quality support, contact us today to learn more. With the help of our team of professionals, we can appraise your collection and help you find the right buyer.