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Can starting an art collection reduce your stress?

Art is a particularly soothing experience. According to Mic, participants in a survey self-reported their stress levels before entering an art gallery and spent 35 minutes exploring the space any way they wanted. Exiting, they expressed lower stress levels than when they entered. They even had lower concentrations of the stress hormone, cortisol. With these proven stress-relieving qualities, you can imagine the desire to have a little bit of art in your own home. Many people nowadays have art in their home offices for this very reason. Let’s take a look at the benefits.

Art collecting connects you to a piece of home

A Minnesotan collector has a collection of Byron Birdsall’s oil paintings of the Alaskan wilderness. Why? Because she was born in Alaska, and it connects her to an iconic artist of her birth state. Collecting artists to whom you have a personal connection will increase your sense of investment in that art. After all, you’re not just collecting it for the thrill of owning it. There is a personal reason that you have this artwork, and a certified art appraiser can help you appropriately insure these priceless works.

Artwork customizes your home

Many of us didn’t build the space we live in. Apartments are a space built by others that we inhabit, while most homes purchased in any given year belonged to at least one other family before you ever saw it on the market. With renovations, an expensive prospect representing tens of thousands of dollars into your home, adding artwork to your walls can create a sense of ownership in the space as you display pieces that mean something to you.

Your nervous system responds to beauty

Artwork reduces your stress level, which is why there’s a reason so many music fans spend thousands of dollars going to live concerts every year, and theatre or film aficionados spend similar amounts seeing plays and movies. Art is meaningful to you and others, so you’ll find yourself transported to a place where you can relax with it. With art in your home, you can feel happier when at home.

There are so many reasons to begin collecting artwork and displaying it in your home. Not only does it reduce your stress, it also makes you feel like you’re at home. Talk to our certified appraisers today to help you begin building the collection of your dreams.