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Whether you are looking to sell one piece, an entire fine art collection, or liquidate an estate, AA Fine Art will assist you in evaluating the inherited or collected art, as well as recommend the best channels for you to sell, in order for you to receive the highest value for your artwork.

With more than 20 years of experience in the fine art market, we can guide you through your options for buying, selling or consigning your art collection. Depending on your goals and timeline, we will recommend the most convenient and beneficial way tailored for you.

If you are looking for a quick way to liquidate your artwork, the most efficient option for you is to sell it directly to us at AA Fine art. Through our outlets, we can then organize an auction or add your pieces to one of our weekly auctions that are broadcasted worldwide.

If time allows, we recommend consigning your art. We then will present, promote, and sell your art for you. In a consignment, we would act as your broker and would utilize our extensive network of collectors and designers to find the right buyer, so you can profit the most.

Many collectors choose to place their fine art on consignment because it is an easy process. Once you have worked out the particulars of the art consignment, you can sit back and let your art broker do all the work and handle all aspects of the sale.

We offer our services to non-profit organizations, charity fundraisers, and trusts and foundations benefits. We will act as a trusted partner and primary point of contact for all your art-related needs. We are committed to providing seamless and exceptional client service with professionalism, discretion, and care.

How to Submit

To submit your art collection for consideration please send the following information:

1. 1-5 Clear Photos

Close-ups are helpful.

2. History of Ownership


3. Description of Artwork

Artist, Medium, Size, Year.

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