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At AA Fine Art, we know that putting a value on your treasured art pieces can be an emotionally charged experience.

With utmost professionalism and over 30 years of industry experience, we walk you through every step.

Here is a detailed breakdown of what it takes to get started.

Here is a detailed breakdown of what it takes to get started

Start With Back and Front Photographs

Taking back and front pictures and submitting them may seem like a relatively straightforward process. It is simple, but there are a few things you need to know to make this step as easy and painless as possible.

Get an estimate quickly by taking high-quality photographs of your art. Think about lighting, composition, and camera settings. Just a few quick adjustments can significantly increase the quality of your photos. For the clearest possible photographs, do the following:

Hang your art on a wall

Many photo submissions show art on the ground, at an angle, and/or leaning up against a wall or table. A downward angle can distort color or lighting. Put art up on the wall, and use a tripod or a steady table more or less level with the art for optimal photographing.

Think about lighting

The best lighting is in a naturally lit room with a lot of windows. Many professional photographers swear by natural light on an overcast or somewhat bright, but cloudy day for the best results.

Adjust your camera settings

Set a timer so the shutter doesn’t create a shaky image, and center the art in the frame or the camera’s crosshairs when taking the picture. The artwork should be at the certain of the photograph, with the edges just slightly visible. Including the edges in the picture can be important for valuation.