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Why business owners should invest in Fine Art

When surveyed, over 60% of employees agreed that fine art in their workplaces inspired their ability to think outside the box, according to a study performed by IAC. Of those same employees, nearly 95% felt more at home surrounded by fine art and upscale office furnishings. Fine art in corporate offices makes a statement about your company’s stability and longevity. Consequently, investing in fine art makes sound business sense.

AA Fine Arts and owner Atalya Alkalay, an American Society of Appraisers member, can help curate your current fine art and upscale decor. If needed, she will help you determine whether any items need refurbishing or restoration to protect their value. AA Fine Arts can also perform the necessary fine art appraisals and provide advice on which new pieces would complement your current collection. Let’s take a look at the importance of investing in fine art as a business owner.

Statues and Sculptures

Stride into an atrium featuring a larger-than-life bronze Pegasus, and you immediately connect with the company. Classic art evokes timelessness and states that you have good judgment and a long view of the future. Regular fine art appraisals will help you document your investments in your buildings’ fine art, sculpture, and upscale furnishings. While no one wants to consider a natural disaster such as a fire, flood, or hurricane, you can make accurate insurance claims and restore your fine art pieces faster if something dire happens. Fine art appraisals also help your board of directors and your firm’s partners stay up-to-date on the value of these assets and provide a more accurate record of the return on investment in your company’s décor and art.

Upscale Decorative Furnishings

From intricately-carved mahogany credenzas to marble columns and mantelpieces, upscale furnishings provide opulence and awe, a vital statement for any law office, judicial chamber, or executive suite atrium. Full-size indoor reflecting ponds, water walls, and tropical flora create an oasis where frazzled employees can restore themselves. Rested employees do not succumb to burnout when surrounded by full-length Gullah-Geechee story quilt murals, life-sized carvings, and statuary. Add all these characteristics to comfortable seating that encourages employees to spend time bonding and increasing team cohesion.

AA Fine Arts can perform fine art appraisals on your current collection. Using that information, you can predict changes in the value of your company’s investment in fine art and upscale décor. Without that information, you would have no basis to judge the effect of your investments on your company’s bottom line. Get in touch with us today if you need fine art appraisals on your commercial property.