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Items in Your Home Worth More than You May Think: Part 2

Whether you are planning to move to another home or simply conducting your spring-cleaning ritual, you are prepared to get rid of some items you no longer need or feel an emotional attachment to. As you are sifting through your belongings, you may come across items with a higher value than meets the eye. Prior to placing them in the donation pile, check how much your items are worth and contact an art appraiser near you.

Video Games
Toys and games grow in value over time like an artwork would. Video games have not been around long, but games and consoles made in the early stages of video game development are worth a pretty penny. Specific games can be valued at hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the release. The consoles are valued more than the games because gaming companies would released limited edition console colors, features, and designs.

You may have heard about how stamps can be worth a lot of money. They are often overlooked and ignored. If you take a closer look at certain stamps, you can find one worth a million dollars. A stamp’s value is sometimes based on the year, the art, and the artist. If you discover old postage stamps on envelopes, contact an art appraiser near you. You may have found one that could buy you a house. 

If you were not already aware, silver coins made before the year of 1964 contain about 90% silver. These coins include dimes, quarters, and nickels. A single coin may be worth hundreds of dollars, but a group of them can go up to thousands depending on the market value. There are also limited edition coins no longer made due to currency changes. Some coins have errors in their design, and those errors add to value.