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What is the role of an Antique Appraiser?

An antique appraiser specializes in assessing a variety of antiques, including furniture, that many people collect. Some of those items might wind up in an office setting, which can help to improve worker morale and productivity. According to Victory Art, workers are 17% more productive when working in spaces that feature artwork and plants compared to those who don’t. If you have one or more items or are considering buying any, then the following gives you a better idea of how the best appraiser could help.

Ensure an Antique Is Genuine

The best professional should closely examine an antique to make sure it’s a genuine article. Many unscrupulous people will try to create fake ones, or they may try to distress existing items to make them appear to be old, rare, and valuable. An appraiser can determine whether or not an item is a legitimate antique and make sure it doesn’t have any alterations done that can affect its value.

Identify an Antique’s Strengths and Weaknesses

An appraiser can determine what makes a particular antique special. It might feature particularly artistic carvings, etchings, or something with a similar aesthetic appeal. Maybe it was created by a renowned artisan or has an especially valued provenance, like being owned by someone famous. The best antique appraiser service can assess what makes an item great and what flaws it might have that could affect its significance. Maybe a prior owner changed something that detracts from its potential value, which the appraiser could identify and consider in determining its likely worth.

Provide a Current Market Value

One of the most important services that the best antique appraiser provides for clients is assessing the value of specific pieces. The appraiser should have current knowledge of the selling prices of various items and items that are very similar to them. Determining a market value depends on various factors, including how rare an item might be, the quality of craftsmanship, and the current demand for it.

Enable Insurance Protection for Antiques

Antiques often are irreplaceable, but you still can insure them for their market value. Insurers generally accept the appraisal made by qualified professionals and can provide insurance coverage for such high-value items. The insurance protection likely won’t replace an antique, but it can compensate you for its worth if it’s destroyed or stolen.

You can call or visit us to learn more about the appraisal process and have one or more items appraised. Our certified team is more than qualified to value your artwork. We look forward to taking a look at your items.