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How To Prepare Items For An Estate Sale

How to Prepare Items For an Estate Sale

When you are preparing for an estate sale, there are many things that have to be done in preparation. One of the most important is to actually appraise all of the items that are being sold in order to price them at an adequate value. Below are some ways a certified appraiser can help.

Pricing Antiques

An antique appraised will help make sure that you know what the proper pricing is for your antique items. There are very many factors that influence the value of an antique, and making sure to have your antiques appraised by someone who is knowledgeable is important. Antique appraisers should be able to do everything from furniture appraisal to book appraisal, depending on the items that are part of the estate sale.

If you are asking yourself where can I find a certified antique appraiser near me, search the web. Look at the appraiser’s websites, and if you feel that you need to get a second opinion, do so. Remember that it’s possible for human error to enter the equation.

Understand the Value of Collectibles

Collectibles are sometimes difficult to price because their value is not consistent over time. Collectible appraisers will have a good idea of what they’re looking at and what a collectible is actually worth. It is very possible that you won’t know the true value of whatever is in the collection you will be selling, but a collectible appraiser will be able to help you with that issue.

Get a Fair Price For an Art Collection

When you decide to get art appraised, you are making the choice to find out what a piece of art is actually worth. It is easy to incorrectly view a piece of art’s worth because of the emotion it evokes when it is viewed. After all, studies have shown a 10% increased in blood flow and a “joy response” to viewing certain types of art. This is the same reaction as viewing a loved one, and as such an emotion-evoking painting may also cause you to incorrectly price the work.

Starting your search by looking for someone who does estate appraisal as a whole instead of searching for a more specific phrase like certified antique appraiser near me. An estate appraiser who has certifications in more specific fields may also be the way to go. Estate sales can be extremely profitable if the items being sold are properly appraised so they can be sold for the correct prices.