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Certified Decorative Art Appraiser

Ways a Certified Decorative Art Appraiser Increases the Value of Artwork

Most people assume that fine art collection is about purchasing artwork at an affordable price…

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3 Benefits of Art Appraisal

The market for artwork is among the biggest in the world, at about $67 billion,…

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Personal Property Appraisals

How a Personal Property Appraisal Values Antique Objects

Identifying the value of an antique is challenging for both experts and novice collectors. This…

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5 Factors Certified and Decorative Art Appraisers Consider When Valuing Paintings

Paintings are seen as one of the most impressive works of art throughout history. Research…

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Places That Buy Art Near Me

4 Tips For Art Collectors Selling Their Fine Art

When you need to sell some of your fine art in your collection or sell…

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5 Tips to Guide You When Buying Fine Art for Sale

Buying your fine art is a labor of love, given the sentimental value of an…

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