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How Art Helps Make The World A Better Place

From a certified art appraiser to a simple art fan, they can see how art brings out the truth and beauty of the world. In 2011, a University of London study found that blood flow increased ten percent to the “joy response” part of the brain when subjects saw a beautiful painting — just like when you look at a loved one. Do you know why art is so important to the human race? There are many reasons, but here are three sound ones you can come away with.

Art Perseves History

What did the world look like before modern times? One way to find out is to look at the art left behind. Art shows what the human race looked like. People, locations, and events have been painted and sculpted to last forever. Their pictures tell the story of how the world used to be. A certified art appraiser can put its story into words. Through art, we learn not only about the materials and styles used in the past, but we learn about how people lived in general. We have to know our history so that we can learn and not make the same mistakes. Art can help us learn and grow as human beings.

Art Helps People Grow in a Creative Way

Creativity is the one thing that lets us grow as people. Without art, there would be no brilliant minds in the world. Art is the backbone of the world. Artistic people are more likely to do better with school subjects. Plus, art can lead people to invent new ways to improve their craft. Art can also appear in other trades and crafts such as math and science. Art can inspire a new generation of artists to lead the world. Why is this? Art has many elements. Color, composition, lighting, perspective, and themes are a few things that make up art. All of these elements will also help to make people more creative and better at their skills and jobs.

Art Builds the Future

Of course, art will help shape the future. Please listen to this argument. Artistic people are more likely to be successful in life. Art always breeds new styles for the future to learn. That’s the thing about creativity and art. It allows people to be innovative. You will need this if you have any hopes to make the future better. Art is there to help make that happen. You don’t have to be an artist yourself either. Just being a certified art appraiser can be just enough.

Art is important to the human race. Without it, the human race would be nothing. We have to do our best to keep the arts alive. Art is our past, present, and future. We have to treat it as such.

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