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The impact of South American artists

South American artists have had a profound impact on the world of art, particularly in the 20th century. About 40% of global art collections contain pieces created by artists from the Americas. An experienced fine art appraiser can help you determine the value of pieces by South American artists in your collection.

Let’s delve into the history and impact of South American artists.

Shift In Views

Latin American artists were largely excluded from the historical perspective of what fine art is. A fine art appraiser in the past may have under appraised pieces from these artists.

However, there has been a shift. Today, any well-versed fine art appraiser will deliver a much more accurate accounting of art from these well-known Latin American artists. Some of the artists listed below were part of the bigger art movement at the time, while others shaped their own art destiny and had a separate impact on the art world.

Names to Remember

South American artists create art that is often quietly profound, and there are so many influential South American artists that have impacted the art world. They often used poverty, the human condition, and revolution as their inspiration. For example, Wilfredo Lam was well-known for his cubism and surrealism. He learned from Pablo Picasso. Frieda Kahlo, easily one of the most recognized names among South American artists, focused her art on things like revolution, native beauty, and even illness.

Another well-known South American artist is Antonio Berni, who created art that focused on poverty. He often incorporated found items into his art. The artist known as Tunga, a Brazilian artist, used items found in the natural world, sometimes even human hair, to express the universal connection of all living things.

Impact Felt Around the World

Many South American artists, like artists around the world, focus their art on what they see every day. They have given us an insider’s look into the history of South America through their art. Many times, people outside the art world are drawn to these artists’ works because they are so profound and appealing.

South American artworks can be found in galleries and museums around the world. A fine art appraiser can determine the value of a piece you already own or one you would like to purchase for your home or business. To learn more, contact AA Fine Art today.