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How to turn your art into NFT

Artists today, can sell their art by themselves without needing a gallery to house their pieces. This is done by converting the art into NFT, or a unique “non-replaceable” cryptographic token. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to convert your art into NFT, you are in the right place. This article will guide you on how to tokenize art, platforms that can be used to your advantage, and NFT marketplaces. Let’s begin.

What are NFT’s?

Non-Fungible Tokens are Crypto Tokens in the form of collectibles, artwork, photos, or anything digital that represents a digital asset. The cool thing about NFT is that they have the quality of being irreplaceable, thus they can’t be replicated nor duplicated. Unlike Bitcoin, NFT’s cannot be mutually exchanged with each other as they all possess different values.

Steps to create a digital NFT from art

To get into NFT’s you first have to come to the right place. The most important things you’ll need are a crypto wallet, an NFT marketplace account, and your artwork or digital asset.

  1. Own the art: Before you decide to turn your artwork into NFTs you have to make sure you are the owner or creator of the piece. As NFTs exist through the digital world, it is key that you digitalize your artwork. You can create a photo of the piece or create the artwork as an illustration.
  2. Find a tokenization platform: Your artwork becomes an NFT only in interaction with blockchain technology. Tokenization ensures the uniqueness of the artwork.
  3. Create a Rarible account: Through you sell, create or collect digital goods. You can also connect your crypto wallet to the application.
  4. Finding a Crypto Wallet: This is essentially the place where you can keep and store Cryptocurrencies. Once you decide on which wallet provider to use, you’ll need to confirm the connection. Crypto wallets are available as add-on extensions on your browser.
  5. Once you have this ready, it’ll be time to upload the file to Rarible. You can choose between PNG, GIF, web picture, mp4, and mp3 formats. A good idea is to export a PNG file first.

Now you are ready with the essentials on how to create an NFT. As you dive deeper, you’ll need to get familiarized with terms, protocols, currencies, and more. NFT’s have been growing in popularity this 2021. Millions of artists worldwide have been creating NFT’s and generating high revenues. What are you waiting for?