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How You Can Use Antiques To Give Spaces Character

Decorating with antiques gives modern homes and older homes added style. Including antiques in your home can convert an ordinary room into an extraordinary one. In this article, we will discuss decorating your home with antiques and how this can increase its value and improve the value of a local antique appraiser.

Statement Pieces and Accent Pieces

Some antiques can be the focal point of the room they are in. Antique tables, paintings, and vintage appliances, for example, can depict a historical period and be worth money. That is why decorating with antiques adds value to your home. Some consumers collect antiques, and their collections are valuable. Paintings, stamps, books, comics, toys, sculptures can all be unbelievably valuable.

Accent pieces are antiques that decorate the room and bring character and style but do not become the focal point. You can decorate your kitchen with antique dishware and cookware or your living room with lamps, mirrors, and art on the wall. Accent pieces can be artwork, collectibles, quilts, or any piece with history and value. A local antique appraiser can tell you the value of your accent pieces and help you sell them if you choose.

Salvaging Architectural Antiques In Your Home

Some collectors will salvage and rebuild antique chandeliers, bookcases, and other antiques in their homes that match the era or style in which they are decorating. They visit auction houses and antique stores to find the right pieces to match their style. They might look for antique mantels, woodwork, or art that fits the period. They often find antique pieces that must use carpenters and a skilled tradesman to incorporate them into their home. Looking for salvaged antiques often leads to restoring pieces to their original beauty.

Layering or Including Antiques in Modern Design

Many contemporary or modern homeowners are adding antiques to modern design. It will give your home a connection to history and make you feel grounded there. Some antique collectors use family collectibles to decorate their homes. They include art, books, quilts, and other valuable antique pieces. A local antique appraiser can help you assess the value of a collection left by family or friends and help you sell it if you choose. A study found those that decorated with antiques or plants were 70% more productive.

Contact AA Fine Arts for a local antique appraisal to learn more about the value of antique collections or individual pieces in your home. We can help you maintain or sell your antique.