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How To Determine The Value Of A Piece Of Art From Your Collection

How to Determine the Value of a Piece of Art from Your Collection

When you need to get art appraised there are many different factors for you to consider. Of course, no two pieces of art are the same. As a matter of fact, for many people, this is what makes their collection so stimulating and exciting in the first place. But how do you go about finding a way to get art appraised if you’re not even sure what value it brings in the first place? Here are a few simple tips for how you can determine the value of a piece of art from your gallery or collection.

Do Some Basic Market Research

While you do not need to become an expert at the flip of a coin, there is certainly a lot of research that you are able to perform on your own if you want to determine the true value of any piece of art that is within your gallery or collection. In many cases, it’s a good idea to begin with the artist themselves. In some cases, artists who have made a name for themselves will make it quite easy to find out how much value their pieces hold. Even some more obscure artists will have produced pieces that are in quite high demand. Looking for these general value observations upfront can produce some results for you right away.

Of course there are many factors beyond the name or acclaim of a certain artist that you may need to consider. For example, many art movements or periods will bring some value to your pieces simply by their origin or place in history. There are several fine details that can impact the value of a piece of art, as well. In these cases, it is often a good idea to consult with a professional appraiser who can help you get art appraised (more on that later.)

Consider Other Forms of Value

Most people are well aware of the fact that art can bring value that is far beyond the financial world. For example, there have been some research studies that serve to showcase the stress-reducing value that a piece of art can bring to people. Participants self-reported their stress levels before entering the gallery and then spent 35 minutes exploring the space in any way they wanted. Upon exiting, they expressed being less stressed. Furthermore, they also had lower concentrations of cortisol, commonly known as the stress hormone. This type of value cannot be overestimated, as looking at art can truly transform a person’s entire day and outlook on life.

Work with Experienced and Professional Art Appraisers

Finally, you cannot forget the advantages that come with working with a team that has experience in appraising the value of a work of art. Professional appraisers are keen to several aspects and details that the average person is simply oblivious to when looking at a piece of art. For example, a professional will account for the condition of the print itself and its relation to other prints of similar rarities. These factors alone can have a dramatic impact on the overall value of a print.

Professional appraisers will also be able to work closely with you to determine your overall goals. If you are planning on getting rid of all your art, then you may have a different strategy from someone who is simply trying to profit as much as possible and does not care about how long they may have to hold onto a piece of art to see value.

At AA Fine Art, our team of experienced estate appraisals and certified fine and decorative art appraisers is here to help you the next time you are in need of finding a way to get art your appraised. We are here to put our years of experience and industry-leading expertise to work for you. Finding out the value of a work of art on your own is often difficult and misleading. Many people find the process to be confusing, and for good reason. So the next time you need to get art appraised please do not hesitate to reach out and get in touch with a member of our team.

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