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3 Benefits of Art Appraisal

The market for artwork is among the biggest in the world, at about $67 billion, making it important that you have as much information as possible while navigating that market. Certified decorative art appraisers put a value on your artwork for you, helping you to know how much a piece of art should be sold for. The best certified decorative art appraisers have years of experience in the industry and are certified by accredited art appraisal organizations, giving you peace of mind that you are being helped by an expert on the subject.

There are several benefits of hiring an art appraiser, and these are just a few of those benefits:

Knowing the Exact Value is Important for Donations

Plenty of people have made the decision to donate works of art to places like museums. It would be a mistake to forget that these donations are tax-deductible. That means that you can write off the donation. However, you can’t make up a number or estimate a painting’s value. Instead, you need to have an art valuation done by a certified decorative art appraiser. This will give you the true value of the work.

They Offer Expert Advice When Purchasing Artwork

With the art industry being so challenging to those without a lot of experience to someone entering it, they can sometimes run into issues. However, a certified fine and decorative art appraiser can help you navigate the industry. They will assist you in knowing the value of different works of art, give you information on their histories, and make sure that you find the pieces that you want to purchase.

It is Easier to Sell Art that Has Been Appraised

In the art world, you won’t always be the buyer. There are times when you may want to sell your work. Having the pieces already appraised by a certified decorative art appraiser will make this significantly easier. There isn’t a need to argue about the price because you both know what it’s worth. There are no questions about the painting’s authenticity either. And, because they’re certified by a reputable appraisal organization, there isn’t anything to debate other than if they want the piece or not.

The art industry is widely unregulated. As long as fraud isn’t being committed, there are very few rules in terms of pricing, which tends to be arbitrary. However much someone is willing to pay is what a piece is worth. When Pablo Picasso’s Les Femmes d’Alger sold for over $179 million, that became the painting’s value. Certified decorative art appraisers make sure you know what proper value is and make a deal that is right for you.

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