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How To Start Collecting Art

Different Art Mediums That Need Appraisal

Art appraisal is a very complicated service to understand when learning how to start collecting art. This is where the need for professionals comes in. You may not even know which mediums need to be appraised. That’s why we suggest you check out the mediums discussed below. Doing so can ensure that you get the support that you need.


According to our sources, painting is the most popular media in global collections. About 83% of all collected art is painting, with a further 15% being drawings, works on paper, and collage. This form of artwork is a popular choice for those first learning how to start collecting art. Paintings are the most popular artwork that needs professional appraisal.


Sculptures are a form of artwork that can provide support to your home’s design. Appraising sculptures allows you to gain a more thorough understanding of their history and cultural significance. This allows you to add depth and see the story that the sculpture tells.


Most great artists sketch out their work before creating a final copy, as this can help them focus their ideas and produce better results. By appraising sketches, you can learn the artist’s preliminary ideas and how their planning process works. It can show the artist’s unique style and see their technical skills up close in a very detailed manner.

Animation Cells

Are you a big fan of animation, such as Disney cartoons or other types of shows? Animation cells are a great style to consider. They can offer a piece of animation history and could be worth a considerable amount of money for a rare piece.

Metal Work

Have you ever seen beautiful metalwork and thought you might want to collect it? Turns out there’s a market for that! A variety of people have taken to building and selling various metal sculptures and other art items. Often, they work well as yard decorations for bigger homes.

Now that you know what kinds of art need appraisal, it’s important to figure out who has the knowledge to appraise them before you continue learning how to start collecting art. That’s where we come in. We are proud to offer fine art appraisal and have over 30 years of experience. We will start with photographs of your piece, from the front and back. To get started, reach out to us today. We are excited to hear from you and help you appraise your piece.