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The Makings of the Ideal Art Appraiser

Before hiring anyone to fulfill a service, you want an extensive understanding of their background and skillsets. You take great pride in your sense of ownership. As such, you only search for those who can live up to the expectations you place to care for your valuables. Hiring an art appraiser is no different when tending to your art collection. When you begin narrowing down your list of potential art appraisers in Florida, focus on these characteristics that can benefit your search for the perfect art appraiser.

Connections are everything in the fine art world. The best people are careful who they choose to work with. This applies to art collectors, galleries, and buyers. A well-connected art appraiser did not form these relationships overnight. Similar to yourself, they list their standards on whom they conduct business with. Over the years, these connections build and assemble into a strong network. They understand the value of trust and experience in handling matters of great importance.

​Expert Qualifications
You will not hire someone with little understanding of their expertise. You hire someone who can show you a lengthy catalog detailing all these qualifications and experience. Noting the art appraisers in Florida, dive deeper into their authenticity. Are they legally certified by the American Society of Appraisers? Can they give you references for their past work? Knowing who you are allowing access to your collection requires confidence in their work. Their background is only the first step in the door.

​Thorough Knowledge
They may have the perfect resume, but do they know what they are doing? Every collection differs in styles, mediums, and sizes. Can the art appraiser you are hiring accommodate to your personal collection? If they are the ideal one, then yes they can. They possess comprehensive awareness of managing all variations of art collections. All collections are unique and no collector is the same. It makes logical sense why working with an art appraiser should be tailored to your needs and standards.