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Items in Your Home Worth More than You May Think: Part 1.

Spring symbolizes a time of rebirth after the cold months of winter. People often celebrate this season through spring-cleaning. This tradition allows you to clean your home and rid yourself of any clutter no longer useful to you. During this time, you may come across an item possessing a high value without realizing it. Here are items worth more than you may think, and will want to contact an art appraiser near you before throwing these items away.

​Childhood Toys
Finding childhood toys while cleaning brings back fond memories from your younger years. However, did you know that some toys can be worth thousands of dollars? Toys such as Beanie babies, action figures, video games, Legos, playing cards, and limited release toys are examples of high-valued items. Years ago, the original Monopoly board was sold for over $145,000.

​Vintage Posters
If you collected posters from bands, movies, or places, then you are in luck. Vintage posters hold a large market in the art and antique industry. This is due to the limited printing of certain poster designs and the rare art elements only found during the decade they were made. Currently, a vintage Star Wars poster from 1977 has a climbing value of over $3,000. You may not be able to see if the poster you have is valuable at first glance. Which is why finding an art appraiser near you can confirm the poster’s worth for you.

​Holiday Ornaments
Every year, new ornaments are created in varying styles and textiles. They are not always duplicated the following year, and this is why they are worth so much. What may seem like an old glass ornament can be an art piece worth more than a thousand dollars.

Books are both easy and rare finds. The book being a first edition does make it valuable, but there are other elements that elevate its worth. The cover design, a signature, and type of paper can increase its value. You cannot know for certain a book’s true value unless you contact an art appraiser near you to take a look at it.