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Art Appraiser

How an Art Appraiser Can Help You Obtain the Value of Your Painting

Do you own a painting and wonder if it’s valuable? It may be difficult to establish a fixed value for a specific painting that you own. You may even find it difficult to obtain a value for several pieces in what you believe to be your fine art collection. There are many factors that go into the value of a painting. Let’s explore how to tell if the painting you have is valuable.

Research its Previous Owners

One solid indicator of telling how valuable a painting is would be to investigate who owned the painting beforehand. If someone was well known or of a certain high status in the art community, then perhaps the painting has tremendous value. Perhaps you are now conducting a search of the term painting appraisal near me to research the painting. There may be a university, museum, or an art appraiser who can assist and ensure that the painting is authentic.

Identify the Artist

After your search of painting appraisal near me, you may be able to locate previous owners. Now you have the task of finding out who painted the piece you have in your possession. If the artist is well-known, then chances are the painting will be worth more due to the name that’s attached to it. Even if the artist is not famous, you still want to conduct research and know the value of the painting.

Maybe the artist led a very interesting life and the painting has some sort of historical significance. Perhaps the artist died early and only has a few paintings to their credit. Both of these circumstances can add value to the painting. If you find that the artist has no historical relevance, your research can still reveal that the painting is valuable. There are a significant number of artists who are quite trendy and have paintings of significant worth. Certified fine art appraisers can also help you obtain a value for your painting.

Check the Subject Matter and Condition of the Piece

The subject matter of a painting plays a huge role in the value of a painting. During your search of painting appraisal near me, you may find that several art appraisers tell you the exact same thing. Historically, portraits and paintings of beautiful and striking women have sold for more money compared to paintings of men. Although there are a few exceptions, if the painting you have is that of an attractive woman, you stand to have the painting appraised at a higher value.

The condition of the painting also plays a vital role in its worth. If the painting has any rips, tears, fractures, or cracks in it, then the painting will be worth far less. A painting that’s faded can also decrease its value.

Look at the Painting’s Framing and Canvas

The painting’s framing and canvas are critical elements of its value. As you continue your search for a painting appraisal near me, you will find that an art appraiser will tell you that a high-quality frame can add value to a painting. Your appraiser will also tell you that the kind of material that the painting was painted on can help to reveal its value.

Contact Your Boca Raton, Florida Art Appraisers

As you search for painting appraisal near me, also connect with your Boca Raton, Florida art appraisers. They offer quality art appraisals for artwork, paintings, and more. Before selling your fine art, you can trust a thorough appraisal from your Florida painting appraisers. They also offer estate appraisals, appraisals of valuables, and more. According to data, in 2018 the global art market was valued at over $67 billion U.S. dollars. This figure was up from the $64 billion back in 2017. In a billion–dollar industry, it’s important to know the value of your artwork. Connect with your Florida-certified fine and decorative art appraisers.