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Selling Fine Art

A Collector’s Initial Steps to Selling Fine Art

As an experienced fine art collector, you are all too familiar with the process of purchasing a piece to add to your personal collection. You hold the details as to what your budget is and your favorite galleries in the back of your mind. However, there comes a predicament you did not think to encounter: selling one of your works. Fortunately, there is someone in your corner who can assist you with the selling concepts like finding local buyers near you, pricing, and so on. These are the steps all collectors should know when selling one or more of their pieces and how we, at AA Fine Art, can simplify the process.

1. Deciding
​The first action you take as a collector selling a work of art is to know what you plan to sell. Separate the items in your collection of ones you will never sell from the ones you will not miss. You do not need to narrow it down to only one piece, you can sell more or half of your collection if you so choose.

​2. Preparing
The moment you conclude which items you are selling, you must read a description and history of the works. The description of the artwork is crucial as it will influence the worth of the artwork. Focus on the specifics: the artist, year, medium, and size. A poetic story is not required. Create a document or listing of ownership history. This pertains to the works you inherited or possibly purchased from another collector. 

3. Hiring
​As stated prior, you do not have to walk this path alone. This is when you hire one of our experts at AA Fine Art to guide you the rest of the way. You will first need to submit photographs, the ownership history, and the description of the works you are planning to sell. Once we evaluated the information you sent, we will contact you and provide a strategy custom to your goals and timeline. You can relax as we are the ones who know the locals’ buyers near you, how to set up auctions, and how to finalize the sales. Selling from a collection is a frightening process at first, but we are there to ease all those doubts and fears.