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Know Its Value: How a Donation Can Be a Prized Appraisal

The summer season awakens a phenomenon in many to begin projects around their homes. One group of people will renovate their kitchens, a second group builds box gardens in their backyards, and a third group simply declutters their space. For the ones venturing to their attics, basements, or storage units, the task of going through old items may either be easy or difficult. The objects gathering dust could be things passed down by relatives or stuff you could not bear to get rid of. In the spirit of National Give Something Away Day, those feel compelled to donate aging goods before taking another glimpse into what they are giving away.

Learn the History
​Every item collected has its own story. Amongst the boxes of family photos and childhood art projects, are pieces of some do not realize holds an entire tale worth retelling. Several of those objects were most likely collectibles found on relatives’ bookshelves and have been in the family for various decades. When one comes across such pieces, remember to not be too quick as to put in the donation box. Recall where and when it came into possession, and learn what the significance of it was to the previous owner and to the current one. The story that can be discovered by researching more of the item can surprise quite a few people. Many found that when they dig deeper into an object’s past, they see it in another light. The silver candelabra given by an aunt turns out to be a work from a lost artist. A lunch box featuring an action hero from elementary school becomes a limited edition exclusive. A record player dating back to the 40s is considered a historic relic worth being in a museum. The possibilities and discoveries in this search know no bounds. 

Check with its Worth
​After being educated in the rich history of those rare finds, those pieces should be further investigated. The shocking details that may be uncovered when learning about an antique are only the first layers in its story. The history behind it is important, but how does it make a difference in this day in age? There are professionals who take that antique and assist in revealing the hidden tiers which lie beneath. The narrative behind the object influences the emotional value, but there remains the financial value. This result is what is known as an appraisal. Several people donate or throw away things without a pause, not realizing they are giving away something worth more than they imagined. There is no fault in embracing National Give Something Away Day and donating to those who need it. Just before taking a trip to the donation drop-off, take a second glance at what is leaving the attic because there is always a treasure in the least expected places.