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How to Find the Best Art Collection Management Company for You

Truly valuable and collectible art is great to behold and enjoy over and over. Many of the finest works generally increase in value over time, which can make them a great investment as well as wonderful to look at and experience. According to Larry’s List, about 53% of the world’s art collection contain more than 500 works of art. Whether you have a large or small collection, the best art collection management services help catalog and protect the artwork. Here’s what you should look for if you want to hire one to manage your collection.

Experienced Art Curation Collectors

No matter what size your art collection might be, you don’t want to let just anyone manage it. You need a company that has lots of experience managing a collection of valuable art and that can help you locate new pieces that are worthy of inclusion. Experienced art appraisers can help ensure any artwork that you add is authentic and of suitable quality. They also can determine whether the artist is a known commodity or an up-and-coming artist whose works are more likely to rise in value.

Discrete Custom Private Sales

Whether you are buying or selling art, the best art collection management services help you obtain or sell high-value art. The transactions are done discretely to help protect the privacy of those involved. Many people who buy or sell valuable art have a valid interest in maintaining their privacy and preventing others from knowing who they are. The anonymity helps to protect against criminal acts and scam artists while you grow your collection. It doesn’t pay to advertise your wealth and assets, including your valuable works of art.

Chronicles Your Artworks

It’s important to create an official record of your artwork and its valuation to help insure it and provide proof of ownership when needed. The best art collection management services can have talented photographers document your art collection one piece at a time and date the photographs to show they are part of your collection. The collection management service can curate your collection by inventorying it, updating valuations, and buying or selling pieces as you desire.

Reach out to our team of experts today to hear more about our services. We are a full-service art appraiser and collection management company, proud to be members of The American Society of Appraisers. We look forward to working with you.