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Antique Appraisers Near Me

The Many Types Of Fine Art Appraisals

A common misconception is that fine art describes paintings and only paintings. That is just not true. Fine art includes paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures, antiques, furnishings, and more.

Here are some examples of the artworks you can get appraised and what to expect during the process.

Assigning A Value To Furniture

Yes, furniture — including antique furnishings or modern, contemporary pieces — is art. Appraising furniture is much different from appraising a painting, however. What do we look at when assigning a value to a piece of furniture, like a chair?


    • Materials. If you ask us to appraise a chair, chaise lounge, or table, we want to know what it is made out of. Is it wood, leather, marble?
    • Is it in its original condition? Reupholstery is commonplace. It does not necessarily render your piece without value. However, depending on the steps taken during the process, it may be worth more or less than it was worth in its original state. Include any relevant history, like upholstery and repairs, for an accurate appraisal. If knobs, nails, or screws have been replaced, include that in your documentation.
    • Speaking of repairs, does your furniture have any dents, scratches, dings, holes, scuffs, and/or any other visible damage? Once again, damage does not strip a piece of furniture of its value. It is important to be upfront about any damages, however.
    • The piece’s history. There are many different ways of pinpointing a piece’s historical origins. Take pictures of marks, tags, and any names or logos that may be sewn into fabric or branded into wood. If you have any old photographs of the furniture from years or decades ago, make sure to let us see them.

Like furniture itself, furniture appraisals are unique. Gather any relevant information, documentation, and pictures you may have, and reach out to a professional at AA Fine Art if you have any questions! Your search for quality furniture appraisers near me ends here. We can help with all your furniture appraisal needs.

Antique Appraisers Near Me

Paintings and furniture are just the beginning. If you are searching for antique appraisers near me, look no further than AA Fine Art. We can help assign a value to miscellaneous antiques, like sculptures, antique vases and glassware, rugs and carpets, silver and gold, and more.

If you think it may have value, join the professionals at AA Fine Art for a personal property appraisal near me.