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Why mega-yachts are becoming floating galleries of blue chip art

Blue-chip art is considered highly valuable today because of its association with renowned and recognized artists. Today, a new and interesting trend is emerging among owners of blue-chip art. Not only are these owners investing in fine art asset management, but they’re also choosing to exhibit blue-chip art on their mega-yachts instead of in their homes.

Turning mega-yachts into floating galleries

According to Americas Collection, painting has long been one of the most popular media found in collections worldwide, making up 83% of collections compared to collages, drawings, and works on paper (15%). The extreme popularity of paintings remains high, which explains why blue-chip art is highly regarded. Owners of this type of art have seen it fit to exhibit the unique art they purchase on their beautiful mega yachts. This makes sense because most superyacht owners prefer to spend their time out on the beautiful sea. Instead of leaving their precious artwork at home, they are choosing to turn their mega-yachts into beautiful floating galleries of blue chip art.

Why mega-yachts are perfect for blue chip art

Mega-Yacht owners understand the value of blue-chip artwork, so they do their due diligence to ensure that the artwork is well preserved when on board. For starters, these yacht owners work with the best fine art asset management services to make the most of their collection. They also invest resources in creating a safe environment for the artwork. For instance, most mega yachts have a highly controlled atmosphere where the temperature and humidity levels are constantly monitored to create ideal conditions for the preservation of precious artwork. A lot of blue-chip artwork has found the perfect home out on the sea, where the artwork is a lot safer than in private homes.

The benefits of having a personalized floating gallery

There’s a sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with collating a collection of blue-chip artwork from all over the world and then incorporating it into your seafaring adventures. Sailing on wide open seas on your mega yacht is already a wildly beautiful experience, but it can be doubly enhanced by decorating your vessel with the finest collection of artwork.

Are you interested in investing in your own nautical art? In that case, you can benefit from working with reputable fine art asset management services. Get in touch with A. A. Fine Art today to find out more about how we can help you create your own breathtaking floating gallery.

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