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How To Display NFT Fine Art Collection

How to properly display your NFT Fine Art Collection

As NFTs gain popularity, we see more people acquiring NFT art and getting into the NFT market places. Auction houses like Christie’s are also moving into digital art. With NFT art becoming mainstream, people are looking for ways how to turn fine art into NFT but may sometimes find it hard to display their NFT collections. Digital art is art nonetheless and should not remain unappreciated or stored on the phone or computer. Here are some common ways to display your NFT art.

Social media platforms

Social media platforms are great to post your NFTs and build your following. However, if you are looking for an elegant way to present your collection social media is not the best option.


If you are just looking to display your collection and not sell it, a website may be a good choice for you. Beware that people may not know about your site and you may have to promote it, which may not be appealing to some NFT art collectors.

Printed copies

Once you learn how to turn fine art into NFT you’ll want to find elegant ways to show your collection. A good idea to display NFTs in a home or office space is to print out copies and display them in frames. Be sure to choose quality paper and printing to maintain the quality of your NFT art.

Digital frames

The best NFT display solutions are those that have a long-lasting display that doesn’t need to be recharged frequently. A newer, innovative option being launched in the marketplace are digital frames. Digital frames are specifically created to fulfill the requirements of NFT art collectors for their display needs. They connect with your crypto wallet and can display any NFT you hold in your wallet. Tokenframe is a great NFT display frame designed to seamlessly connect with your wallet through the Tokenframe App and cast your NFTs. it offers various elegant frame design options including birch, mahogany, black, and white. All frames come equipped with a rotating wall mount allowing you to rotate your display 90 degrees as well as headphone and speaker ports built-in.

Online galleries

Apart from displaying your NFT artwork at home and office, you can also display it in online galleries where art lovers and collectors gather. There are platforms that allow NFT owners to become members and display their collections in special galleries, exhibitions, events, and forums. For large NFT collections, online galleries are a good option as people can browse artwork and hang out with similar-minded folks online.

Metaverse galleries

Many say that The Metaverse is the optimal place to display your NFT collection. Just as you enjoy activities in the real world where people go to clubs or art galleries, it all happens in the virtual world too. You can display NFTs in existing metaverse galleries run by Async Art, KnownOrigin, and OpenSea. If you are a serious collector you can also buy some virtual land and build your own gallery. As the Metaverse continues to evolve and expand, many are expected to display digital assets and build a business there.

There are many solutions to display your NFT art. Once you learn how to turn fine art into NFT you’ll need a way to display them instead of just storing them in your phone or computer. Some good options include digital frames and even exploring online and metaverse galleries.