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How Palm Beach is becoming the new national capital of Fine Art

It is no news that Florida, The Sunshine State, has become a popular destination for thousands of people to reside in. This is also true for Palm Beach, as businesses, top dining spots, and beloved art galleries are moving to this area as well. Perhaps it’s the elegant midcentury glamour à la Jackie O. and Slim Aarons that makes this city so appealing to become the new capital of fine art. South Florida is home to a sophisticated community of collectors, fine art appraisers, museums, and other art spaces. Keep reading to learn more about the new art district capital.

The Royal Poinciana Plaza

The stunning midcentury structure designed by John Volk and inspired by Paris’s Palais-Royal is home to New York outposts, high-end retail spaces, top restaurants and exciting events. Acquavella, Sotheby’s, and Lévy Gorvy all have outposts in the Royal Poinciana Plaza. It’s the perfect place to grow and stretch the resident’s appreciation for contemporary art and to foster a deeper community of dedicated collectors.

Art in Palm Beach

As the city has grown so has the art blossomed in Palm Beach. West Balm Beach was one of the area’s first real destinations for younger, contemporary art and settling in Royal Poinciana Plaza. Now, the area is a great community for art collectors. In 2018, Gavlak launched the New Wave Art Wknd, a three-day event designed to highlight the collections of locals and celebrate the flourishing arts scene in South Florida. It was a great way to connect collectors, galleries, and for people to find fine art appraisers.

Palm Beach’s best art destinations

The new art capital’s goal is to engage with the local arts scene, support the newly refreshed Norton Museum of Art, and cultivate a culture of collaboration within Palm Beach’s burgeoning arts community. The museum currently hosts a stunning exhibition of Mexican Modernism centered on Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera from the Gelman collection. Other great art destinations include Beth DeWoody’s contemporary collection at The Bunker, The Society of the Four Arts, and the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum.

Though Miami is the established hub for the arts, Palm Beach is now the arts community on the rise due to its diverse art scenes and culture. Art collectors, gallery owners, fine art appraisers, and fine art enthusiast expect to see Palm Beach County continue to blossom as a premier destination as more people from around the country and world discover the bliss of life and art in South Florida.