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Art Appraisers

4 Qualities Of a Good Art Appraiser

When buying your fine art to add to your art collection, you may want to consult a certified fine art appraiser near you. Art appraisers help you identify original artworks, establish the market value of the artwork, and provide you with detailed information about the artwork. These art valuation services from certified fine art appraisers come in handy when you’re buying fine art, selling pieces from your collection, and tackling estate appraisals.

As an art collector, you’ll need the services of an art appraiser more often, so it pays to work with a top appraiser near you. To get the best art appraiser, look for the following qualities.

1. Consult an Appraiser Who Has Experience Valuing Your Type of Artwork

Most appraisers are certified by the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) after completing more than 120 hours of art valuation education. However, after completing training and getting certification, the appraiser may choose to specialize in different types of art. An appraiser may specialize in fine art prints, abstract paintings, decorative art, antique art, and many more. You want to consult an appraiser who has vast experience valuing similar artworks. For instance, if you’re buying antique art, you should engage a certified antique appraiser near you. Likewise, consult certified fine and decorative art appraisers when buying fine and decorative art for your collection.

2. Check for Accreditation From a Major Appraisal Society

Most appraisers are certified by the American Society of Appraisers (ASA), which is enough as far as accreditation goes.

3. The Top Appraisers Issue Credible and Professional Appraisal Reports

After completing an art valuation, appraisers should issue you with a comprehensive art appraisal report. This report should outline all details of the artwork in depth. A good appraisal report should describe and identify the artworks appraised and provide a fair market or replacement value of the artwork. The report should also provide information about the artist, the edition number and size, exhibition history, provenance, and the historical significance of the artwork. Additionally, the appraisal report will detail the artwork’s condition and state if the piece had previously undergone restoration. Generally, a good appraisal report should comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

4. A Good Fine Art Appraiser in Boca Raton Will Have a Solid Reputation Within and Beyond Florida

Florida has a robust art community with many painters, art galleries, art collectors and buyers, and art appraisers. Therefore, you can easily review the reputation of an art appraiser from your peers or have an art gallery recommend one. Today, it’s easy to review an art appraiser online. If fellow art collectors don’t recommend an appraiser, you may want to stay clear of their services. The good thing is that the top fine art appraisers are well-known in the local art industry. Since art valuation is a niche and competitive industry, there’s no chance for a substandard art appraiser to thrive. Good appraisers will have strong and positive reviews from other art collectors who have utilized their services.

Certified art appraisers offer essential services in our growing art industry. As of 2018, the global art market was valued at over $67 billion U.S. dollars, up from $64 billion recorded in 2017. As an art collector, you’ll find yourself in need of an art collector’s services when buying or selling your fine art. To expand your collection with original and high-quality artwork, always have a certified art appraiser value the pieces you wish to buy to add to your collection.