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Art Appraiser

3 Tips on Working With Art Appraisers You Can Trust

When it comes to fine art collections, paintings are the most popular medium found in private collections. To spot the most valuable pieces for your investment, it’s helpful to work with appraisers who know what to look for. Here are three tips on working with an art appraiser you can trust.

Find an Experienced Art Appraiser

An appraiser may have a degree in the fine arts and certifications, but may not have enough experience determining the fakes from an authentic art collection. It takes years of practice to discern real artist signatures, dirty varnish, and the age of the painting. Each certified fine art appraiser specializes in a specific area, such as million-dollar appraisals or 20th-century art. You’ll want to find certified art appraisers who are familiar with the type of opinion you need.

Have Appraisers Maintain and Define Your Collection

Many certified fine and decorative art appraisers offer free email consultations. If you’re considering a piece of artwork, you can email them photos and they will give you their opinion and advice.
art appraiser. Appraisers can also assess the condition of the piece and give you ideas on what you may want to invest in with future purchases. An appraiser you can trust will keep a watchful eye on your collection. They can bring in other experts for a second opinion to help you collect the most valuable pieces.

Get Regular Appraisal Condition Reports of Your Collection

It’s wise to get an updated valuation of your art collection once every five years and a condition report every seven to 10 years. The condition report tells you how clean your collection is. Cleaning your collection can give you new insight into the style of the piece and positively affect its value significantly. Keep the proper storage of your appraisal documents to showcase the appreciation of the piece. Take pictures of your collection and store them with the documents in case of theft.

If your art collection is more than a hobby, you need to find and work with an appraiser you can trust. By working with the experts, you can become an expert yourself and acquire a strong and intelligent collection. Find an experienced art appraiser today and grow your investment.